SportInspired is a charitable organisation that aims to build confidence and drive activity levels within young people through the power of sport. We designed an exciting new identity as part of our BrandYou initiative.

The design request

SportInspired work in partnership with businesses such as Sky and Deloitte and help local authorities to tackle inactivity and obesity.

They came to Ellipsis with a need to re-design their existing identity. The brief was to design an identity that represented their five main stakeholders, reflected their SportInspired passion and communicated their personality coherently.

The new logo for SportInspired

The solution

In order to get a better understanding of the organisation and the work that SportInspired do, we invited their team up to our studio for an informal meeting and were immediately impressed by their passion and enthusiasm.

They explained that the emphasis should be on the ‘inspired’ element of their name, rather than ‘sport’ and that they wanted a design to appeal to everyone, but in particular to their corporate partners.

The final identity captures the ‘coming together’ of communities through the different coloured arrows forming a circle. Each colour corresponds to one of the five stakeholder groups, providing an easy way to distinguish between them.

The use of bright colours and dynamic shapes simultaneously represents the structure of the organisation and communicates a fun and welcoming message.

In addition to the main identity, five stakeholder logos and a SportInspired Games mark were designed for more specific usage.

In addition to the main identity, five stakeholder logos and a SportInspired Games mark were designed for more specific use. Covering a whole meeting room wall or communual area is possible with digital wallpaper.


To help tell the story behind SportInspired’s work in both a functional and playful way a ‘community’ illustration was also designed to accompany the logo.

The response to our ideas was well received and we have applied the final designs to stationery and presentation templates.

To help tell the story behind SportInspired’s work, in both a functional and playful way, a ‘community’ illustration was designed to accompany the logo Illustration detail

The result

SportInspired have shown extreme passion in their work, making this BrandYou project a pleasure to complete.

We have learnt a great deal about their cause and wish them the very best in their future endeavours, especially now that they have a brand identity that they are proud of and can use with confidence.


"...working with Ellipsis has made a huge difference to us. We now have a great logo and templates that show us as the professional organisation we’ve always known we are! It’s taking us to a very exciting next stage"
Anna Springbett, SportInspired


The new logo is also used on the SportInspired website

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