Visits Unlimited were thrilled to be chosen for the first BrandYou package. They are aiming to be the first port of call for anyone wishing to go out for the day with a disabled child or young person, as well as becoming the most trusted training and mentoring organisation for venues.

Visits Unlimited

Key words from our initial chat with the Visits Unlimited founders were 'fun, memorable, genuine, commitment and helping hand'. Our design development focused on a family with a disabled child in a wheelchair, combined with a days out ticket and fun activity silhouettes.

A new brand identity - Visits Unlimited

The simple core ticket logo was created for use at a small size. It can also be used successfully on photographs or merchandise.

Visits Unlimited - the core ticket logo design

The stationery featured the five different day out silhouettes. This variety of options will help Visits Unlimited to present a professional side of their organisation to trainees and simultaneously appear fun and welcoming to families. The response to our ideas was extremely positive.

Stationary design for Visits Unlimited by Ellipsis

"From the very start, the team at Ellipsis have been absolutely wonderful. They took the time to really understand our business ideas and our philosophy, in order to ensure that the finished logo and branding materials were a true reflection of everything we stand for and offer as a company."

New staionary designs - supplied as print ready artwork and user friendly Word templates
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