The unique, show-stopping Captain Morgan bar is used for experiential marketing of the well know rum brand. The ship can be broken down to fit through double doors of a hotel.

Captain Morgan Boat-Bar

Ellipsis were approached to develop a fun and engaging bar for use by the Captain Morgan brand. The initial conversations and designs were based around the idea of a standard bar in a Captain's cabin with wooden planking on the front and a set of suitable props.

Captain Morgan Boat Bar Sketches

We subsequently worked with a film set designer (who had worked on the original Alien film) to produce some more adventurous ideas and give us the 'wow' factor. The second design took the form of a real ship - when the client saw this they were really excited about building the bar.

Captain Morgan Boat Bar development

This led to our final full size boat design, with an additional upper deck, masts and a stern cabin.

Captain Morgan Boat Bar Build

Another challenge we faced was to ensure the whole boat structure could break down and fit through a set of double doors. We worked with a film set productions company in Shepperton who constructed the ship with this in mind, making sure each piece was portable and straight forward to quickly construct. Every detail was considered, right down to the rope rigging and sails.

Captain Morgan Boat Bar
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