Carphone WarehouseReward Me Website

A website to facilitate a points scheme whereby Carphone Warehouse dealer connections are exchanged for points which can be redeemed against rewards. Dealers are rewarded proportionally for the volume of business they do. Objectives: to increase loyalty, attract new partners/dealers, drive growth and wallet share of existing dealers, provide flexibility for partners/dealers to give rewards to their staff and create an impactful identity for the Carphone Warehouse Dealer brand.

Carphone Warehouse Reward Me Website
Carphone Warehouse Reward Me Website
Carphone Warehouse Reward Me Website
Carphone Warehouse Reward Me Website

Our Insight

Our Strategic thinking

A recent dealer survey conducted by Carphone Warehouse Business identified there was an opportunity to drive dealer sales via an incentive programme. However with a large network of dealers varying in size there was no obvious incentive solution. The larger dealers preferred rewards that included trips but to run this would end up excluding the smaller dealers as they would not be able to reach the same level of trigger targets to make it onto a leader board. Offering a reward scheme targeted towards the smaller dealers would then not engage the larger dealers who are the ones who deliver the largest volume of business so a solution needed to be met that engaged both parties.

Our Solution

Our Creative Execution

Our solution was to utilise an online catalogue accessed via an impactful and engaging reward portal. To provide creative impact, illustration was used to bring the portal to life, providing strong graphics that could be used across customer touch points via Trade Advertising. These graphics helped to visually lift the and create an identity for the Rewards Programme that helped differentiate it from other programmes  within the market. The Your Team Rewards portal automatically loads points on a monthly basis although points are only released when a dealer meets their quarterly sales target. Once the sales targets are met, the dealer can spend their points within the catalogue. Every quarter, any unapproved points are removed, so that the dealer needs to reach their next target before they can spend their points.

The Results

The overall benefits

Catalogue rewards programme launched at the start of 2018 with 204 registered users covering the Carphone Warehouse dealer network. Approximately 17,000 points allocated within the first quarter after the site launch. This equates to rewards for around 8,500 new connections since the programme’s launch.

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