SymantecExecutive Briefing - Office Branding

Symantec approached us with a short lead time in which to transform their central London office into a sophisticated office space in which to entertain some of their key clients. The Norman Foster and Partners listed building, had to be treated with respect and so a solution to transform the site was needed that would not impact the structure of the building.

Symantec Office Branding
Symantec Office Branding
Symantec Office Branding

Our Insight

Our Strategic thinking

As we could not impact on the building we had to use temporary graphics that could be removed after the event. These would cause minimum impact but maximum effect.

Our Solution

Our Creative Execution

We utilised strong branding and design to create an engaging space. The existing yellow built-in furniture was covered with removable vinyl. We build tempoarary walls to hide the kitchen space.

The Results

The overall benefits

The overall effect was to transform the offices into a contemporary environment. Although the vinyls were temporary they were left after the event as the oveall effect was so successful and transformative.

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