Thoughts on Diet Coke’s Super Bowl ad

Because I can
Why ‘because I can’ works…

When I first saw the new Diet Coke as I was slightly underwhelmed. The latest ad, launched during this year’s Super Bowl, and its first in the game since 1997, is Coke’s attempt to broaden the appeal of its struggling soda beyond its core of female ‘baby boomer’ drinkers. There are no superstar endorsements, no gimmicks –  just a normal girl, talking to camera, wearing her comfortable clothes whilst confidently sipping her Diet Coke. She doesn’t need to run marathons or live in a yurt, she doesn’t need to prove anything. She chooses Diet Coke, as she states – “Because I can”. She can drink Diet Coke, simply because she can. End of. Danielle Henry, group director of integrated marketing content for Coca-Cola North America, says in a statement. “This is not the hyper-feminine, glossy Diet Coke anymore. This is an authentic, self-aware, stripped-down Diet Coke that is really inclusive.” The ad works because of its normalness. It’s not shouty and full of celebrity, there’s no big song and dance. Coke’s self-assured confidence in it’s brand is determined to be enough. People will drink Diet Coke – because they can. Because I can – is a brand’s affirmation in belief in its product. Coke tells us people will buy their product because they can; normal people, people like me and you with no additional incentive needed. You will be motivated to buy a Diet Coke if you want one – simply because you can. Let’s hope that Coke ‘playing it down’ with – Because I can – is a tactic that works, for the brand and also for the Ad Agency who created it, Wieden and Kennedy. I can’t help but notice echoes of a similar W+K campaign, the epitome of a motivational tactic. In the latest ad – we are encouraged to “Just do you, whatever that is.” W+Ks, Just do it campaign seemed to work just fine for Nike.

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